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Wiz Words Game

Our Story

Expertly Crafted

Durable design ensures longevity, withstanding countless rounds of play.

Portable Learning

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or educator, Wiz Words adapts to your lifestyle with its compact design.

My name is Miranda and I thought of Wiz Words after more than 5 years teaching children to read, spell and write.  I am a specialist private tutor and I use the Sounds-Write program as my program of choice.  After coming across many children (of all ages) who were unable to effectively segment, blend and manipulate sounds to form words, I began searching for as many resources as possible to keep my lessons engaging and exciting.  I have a background in Performing Arts and understand that doing is an integral part of understanding and learning.  My Sounds-Write lessons have a hands-on focus and I strive for student engagement, enjoyment and excitement.  Afterall, the ability to read is exciting and opens up a life-time of possibilities.   I was looking for a resource that was attention grabbing, easy to handle and that could be used to practise the skills of reading, writing and spelling. I was seeking a resource that didn’t rely on word-guessing or rote learning.  I was wanting an easy to store & travel resource that your average mum & dad or grandma and grandpa could pick up, use and re-use, finding fun and enjoyment for themselves and the learner.  I also wanted an valuable teaching tool for teachers, tutors, professionals and LOTE educators. Okay, so my expectations were high – to say the least – and I soon realised that my ‘wish-list’ was not something I could google and order from the internet. So, there was only one thing to do. Create my own resource. After many hand-drawn, rudimentary trial cards, I quickly realised that illustrating is not my forte and began working with illustrator and designer Jacinta Weyers from Picture Thinking.  After lots of student trials and countless hours of refinement – we now have Wiz Words – a learn to read & spell resource which follows the Scope and Sequence of Sounds-Write Ltd. I hope Wiz Words will help many people around the world.

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